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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Big tune...

This song for me has been a huge influence since being at uni, a big feel good tune, plus he's Asian which is always a bonus don't you think?

Enjoy one and all...

James x


Hey guys i've loaded up my first two bits of poetry, let me know what you all think, like i've said before it'd be nice for some feedback. Don't hold back James x

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Black Widow

Love is a poor mans food
The bitter sweet taste of her sinful lips,
lure the bravest of men to their untimely end.
Yet, she remains an enigma to the world,
This muse,
a venus fly trap masked by the scent of her rose.
She needs not lift a finger,
the remains of her tainted being allow her prey to do all the work.
This eight legged widow has spun her lies,
now the soulless figure lays tattered, lifeless.
A rag doll forever bound by the chains of her web, a poetic ending to a brutal act.
The black widow has fed, and she will feed again.

Thursday, 3 November 2011


The bright light of a fading kingdom.
The shackles of a burdening father released.
The weight of millions lifted from my hell bound shoulders.
My fall from grace unknown to all,
With Mankind blinded by the lies of a weary old man.
How a lie can spark the fire of a burning orgy,
The effortless chaos inflicted by a rambling deity.
Favoring the seeds of an imperfect root, tainted by the blood of freewill. Rather than the sons soaring above the heavens,
Governing the shadows in the corners of sight.

I tear away from the overwhelming light, 
Forging my destiny in the arctic storm of the abyss.
Living within the eye free from treachery, but forever to burn in the furnaces of my misplaced love.